Leslie H. Spetz
Custom Framing & Gallery

Art and Advocacy

Art and Animals are my personal passions.  Animal advocacy is how I spend my free time and volunteer hours.  It is very fulfilling being able to use my shop location to promote art as advocacy on animal welfare.  As a volunteer, I have seen and dealt with the issues of abuse and extreme neglect on a daily basis. Using art to bring awareness to these issues makes sense to me and it brings people into the world of animal welfare in an expressive way.

I curated a permanent installation at Animal House (Metro Animal Services) and donated the framing to spruce up the Meet and Greet Rooms (above).  The photographers live coast to coast now but all have roots in Louisville.  Some are professional and some are amateur, but all have a unique eye.  The majority of the photos are of rescue animals.  The artists were very generous in donating their photography to this project.

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