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You can purchase a ready-made frame or you can come to a frame shop like mine and purchase a custom frame.  I have well-designed frame moulding samples on my walls with beautiful finishes and both current and classic designs.  You and I will work together to select the frame you want.  Then I will measure the piece being framed, consider the design elements you have selected, and will calculate the dimensions of the frame we need.  I will contact the company that supplies the design you have selected and will order the pieces to make your frame. When it arrives, I will put the pieces together.

I always recommend framing with preservation in mind.  Acid, light, and humidity are the enemies.  I use acid free mats, foam board, and gallery wrap.  We can discuss whether or not you want UV or Museum glass, regular glass, or acrylic.  We can also discuss how to keep the finished product clean.  Chemical cleaners and abrasive cloths can cause serious damage.

As an experienced framing professional I can also provide you with classic design elements such as hand-wrapped mats (above), French lines, painted bevels and more.   Mats can be paper, fabric, or rag  - double, single or triple.

A French mat (above) is an ordinary mat decorated with opaque and transparent pastels - one color accents the art, the second the decor, and sometimes a third is added to coordinate the two. This takes very careful precision.

A window is cut into the mat so the art can be seen.  The angle the window is cut is called the bevel.  Color can be very carefully added (above).

Whether you have art on canvas, paper, photos, needlework, or objects, please stop by and let's see what we can create together.  

 Custom Mirrors

If you cannot find the right mirror, stop wasting time on the search.  We can  create  the perfect mirror!

Special Projects

Let's get creative together!  I have all kinds of resources for specialty framing.


Do you have a piece of art that has been damaged, or maybe an old family heirloom, or even better a consignment find that needs some repair?  I work with a restoration house out of Cincinnati, Ohio (Old World Restoration).  You can bring the work into the shop then I can upload photos and secure you an estimate.  If you decide to proceed, I can make arrangements to get the work to them and pick it up for your convenience.


If you have a piece of art and you would like know the value, let's check it out.  I have two local appraisers with excellent reputations that can help you.

Hanging Art

If you need help hanging your new framing project, talk to me.  I can often provide my services for an additional fee.


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